5 Secrets Personal Trainers Don't Want You To Know!

Ever felt overwhelmed by what you are reading on the internet?
In such an overly saturated market of personal trainers, it is difficult to know who to trust.
Thats why we are giving you all of the secrets that your Personal Trainer doesn't want you to know!

1. What they're doing is different from what they're telling you
Almost every health and fitness program that i've seen promoted online by fitness 'influencers' and health 'professionals' is rubbish.

The products they endorse such as skinny teas, waist trainers, they don’t do them. A lot of ‘influencers’ in the fitness world, even personal trainers that promote products and services are there to entice those that are looking for a quick result, to make money from them, not to help them get results; it's not sexy how they got their results so they don’t promote it.

Getting results is very very simple, I didn't say easy, but it is simple. 

2. You don't need to do HIIT training to burn fat. 

This one is the polar opposite statements of almost every fat loss program I’ve ever seen. “You CANNOT lose body fat without HIIT training, running, sprints, pump classes” blah blah blah, you know the spiel. 
The body is very simple, it takes a certain amount of energy (calories) to operate each day. If you eat more than the body needs for that day it stores it as fat. If you eat less than what the body needed that day to operate YOU. WILL. BURN. FAT. 
The person that lies in bed all day doesn't need much energy, right? So if they ate too much food it'll just get stored for later.

HIIT training burns more energy in a shorter amount of time. Walking (power walk) for 45 mins burns the same amount of calories that a 20 min HIIT session does. Let that sink in. Double the effort for the same result.

Which one do you resent more… the HIIT? Because nobody likes to be thrashed to death.

3. You don't need fat loss supplements

I’ll start with this, unless your doctor, naturopath or accredited medical/ health practitioner has specifically said you need to take a supplement, you don’t need one to lose body fat.

The only time I’ll ever put a client on supplements is if our testing (which is done by a medical professional) aka gut health testing, blood tests or urine sample tests yield.
If you’re taking something and it’s noticeably working then continue to do so; BUT if you’re buying something because you saw your dream bod crush take it then don’t waste your time. We test all of our clients, tailor any supplements that are REQUIRED to obtain their specific results and to get their body back into a healthy state. 

HOT TIP - Start to slowly remove the supps that you’re currently taking and if you don't notice a change, well they probably didn’t do much more than waste your money.

4. Carbs are the devil 

Eating carbs after 8pm will make you put on fat, but if you don't eat carbs you’ll have no energy, right? Myth or truth?
Carbohydrates are essential to the body, you need them but they don't just come from pastas, grains, cereals and rices. These type of carbs are going to hinder your fat loss journey, they raise your blood sugar levels causing you to attain energy super quick and what goes up must come down.  
More often than not, theyse starchy carbs cause you to go hypo, then give you a slow sluggish feeling, usually the 3pm crash. When you have low blood sugar you crave food, sweets generally. High carbohydrate diets make sticking to your nutrition plan very very hard.  
Vegetables contain carbohydrates, the same thing that gives your body energy, just not the high sugar that's in starchy carbs. Starchy carbs pastas etc are full of glucose, aka sugar which if not burned goes straight into fat.

5. A copy and paste training and nutrition plan alone will not get you the results you want 

How often do you see the ‘online’ coach or PT that is selling a training and nutrition plan that all you have to do is pay X amount for it and it downloads straight to your phone? 
We’ve all been there when we started out, I bought so many bodybuilding online training programs that all I had to do was pay $50 and I had it sent to my email. They weren't bad, I just wasn't going to get the results I wanted from them.
Worse off, you combine a few free ones that you found online to make this hybrid beast of a nutrition or training plan which you stick to for all of 3 days. 

Your body is unique, it is different from the person sitting right next to you so it will require a different approach to get the result that you want. 

We test all of our clients to determine what training or nutrition program they should be doing for the best results.

So, there you have it - the 5 secrets PT's don't want you to know, but we do.

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