Five Ways to Get Confident Quick in a New Gym

We don’t mess around here, let’s get straight into it:

Number 1 - Find A Gym You Like The Look Of

Firstly, before you choose a gym based on what equipment or classes it has, you have to like the look of the space. If you don't physically like the space you won't go there regularly. Gyms usually have the same equipment; weights for strength training Melbourne, treadmills & bikes, TRX stations, cardio equipment and so on. Pick one that you walk into and you feel you could go there a few times a week, it needs to be an environment in which we find aesthetically pleasing and welcoming for you.

Number 2 - Make Sure You Like The Vibe

You shouldn't pick a chain based off of cost. Most gyms range between $15 - $25 per week. Not a great cost for the time that you spend in there per week. You must like the vibe. To find this out, go to a gym at a time that you would regularly train for example, after work, gauge the vibe, the crowd, the capacity. If you don't like that crowd, then that gym isn't for you. Different gyms have different crowds and environments. Find one that is more suited to you. There are many types around; bodybuilding gyms, crossfit gyms, everyday gyms and so on. Find a crowd that is more suited to you or who you aspire to be.

Number 3 - Have A Program

Have you heard of the saying: failing to plan is planning to fail. Have a program or routine for when you're in the gym. It's easier when you have a set workout plan that way you're in the gym for less time. Try to aim for no more than 45 minutes to begin with. Get in and get out, map out what equipment you need and where it is located. Spend 5 to 10 minutes in your new gym working out we're all the equipment and machines are. That way you reduce feelings of anxiety and maintain a high level of intensity throughout your workout. You don't want to be searching for equipment in between exercises getting cold and then ultimately losing momentum and the motivation for that session. Have a program and floor plan for your different sessions.

Number 4 - If You Don’t Know, Ask                 

If you don't know ask, there's nothing worse than anxiety in the gym. Trying to find all the equipment and machines may be hard. What does that chest press look like? Is it different from the one at another gym. If you don't know what a specific machine looks like, ask the receptionist if there is someone that can show you where the equipment is. Now every gym has staff during specific hours. But they normally start early and finish late, staff are there to help, literally that's their job. What the receptionist might do is put you onto a personal trainer Melbourne and now they’ll gladly show you where the equipment is, maybe even give you a demonstration of your program and the exercises. Even if you're not in the market for a personal trainer, or even have one somewhere else. Take advantage of this. They're always fishing for leads like a car salesman they'll do anything to get you on board. So take advantage of that for five minutes. Get the special treatment for a little bit. This will save you loads of time, helping you map out your gym route in no time at all. And even make a friend, the more friendly faces in the gym the better.               

Number 5 - If You Still Don’t Know, Research

This is your body. It is a machine that wants to run well and smoothly. So learn how to use it. Don't waste your most precious resources; time, money and effort. Do a little research. YouTube is your best friend. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced athlete, do your research. If you've got a program and have no idea how to do the exercises spend a little time working out what these exercises look like. Literally type into YouTube: ‘What is a chest press’. There will be hundreds of videos even thousands on what this machine is and how to use it. Literally everything you need to know is on there. Type each exercise in and watch what machines they use. Don't stress about the technique so much. Work out your floor plan first.