Make It Personal: Why a Personal Trainer Might Be Right For You

Your personal fitness journey should always be about your individual goals. One sure fire way to get you there is enlisting the help of a professional. The notion of working with a personal trainer may scare some. You might feel like one on one coaching is only effective for those who have been training for years. Forget everything you think you know about personal trainers. Many gym goers are surprised to learn just how much they could benefit from working with a PT. It’s not about punishing and we aren't there to bark orders at you. We train everyday people because that’s who we are too.

We’ve seen plenty of different clients coming through gyms over the years. We’ve also trained with a variety of people, from different ages, fitness levels, and stages of their journey. During this time, we’ve noticed there are 3 particular types of clients that should seriously consider investing in a trainer. 

  • The person not getting results 
  • Have you been working your ass off but aren't seeing the results you expected? Maybe you’ve been smashing a local boot camp but it’s just not working. Stop what you're doing right now. Don’t spend any more time and money on things that aren't working for you. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to exercise. Your body won't respond to the same workouts that somebody else’s might. Consulting a personal trainer means they can assess your individual needs and examine exactly how your body responds. This allows the trainer to tailor a plan that’s just right for you. With knowledge and experience in the industry they can share all their tips and tricks that you may have never otherwise had access to. 

    The benefits of adding a personal trainer into your routine doesn't just stop at the physical. If you haven't been seeing results because you struggle to maintain the motivation to get you there, a trainer can help with that too. Working with a PT means they can help you set realistic goals. They can hold you accountable and keep you on track to actually achieving those goals. We know it can be hard, even the best of us lose motivation every now and again. Imagine having a personal hype man, to keep you going when you start to lose that spark. 

  • The person lacking confidence.
  • Trust us, we know gyms can be a scary place whether you're a beginner or not. That's the last thing we want to let get in the way of your fitness goals. If you feel like you could use a confidence boost at the gym, then a PT is perfect for you.  If your end goal is smashing out efficient workouts in the gym solo, then start with a PT. Working with a trainer means you get expert advice, tailored just for you. Master every machine under the guidance of someone who knows them like the back of their hand. Let your trainer do the hard work in developing a plan that’s perfect for you. Once you feel confident and have started edging closer to those goals, you'll have all the foundations you need to confidently conquer the gym on your own. If you lack confidence in your own ability and can’t see yourself ever achieving the goals you've set, let a trainer PROVE it to you. You’ll be showing up the big scary gym bro’s in no time.

  • The Absolute Beginner.
  • If you're just starting, you don't have to try and figure everything out on your own. If you have no experience in a gym jumping in headfirst could end in injury or at least a bruised ego. Being a beginner means you have the luxury of making sure you start off on the right foot. Consulting with a PT at the start of your journey means they can give you a holistic plan from the get-go. Look at it this way. If I was going to build a house, I'd speak to someone in construction first. Even if I wanted to build that house myself, I would gather all the knowledge and tips from an expert in that field. It’s exactly the same when it comes to training. We’ve spent years gathering knowledge and doing the hard work in our field so we can share it with you. A trainer can set you up with tips about nutrition, what workouts you need to be doing, how to rest and recover, and be a friendly face to keep you motivated. 

    There's no reason not to try working with a personal trainer today. The whole notion is to provide personalised strategies to fit your individual needs. This September, Humphris Health is making it easier than ever to get you started.