Accidental Exercise: Summer Activities That Double As A Workout

As the weather warms up we need less of a push to get outside and get our bodies moving. Summer is a great time to get out and explore. While you're soaking up the sun or seeing some local sights, you’d be surprised how valuable it can be to your body. Here are some of our favourite summer activities to do in Melbourne that double as a great workout. 


There’s nothing better than a big walk to take in some beautiful scenery while getting that step count up. It’s a great way to get some sun and fresh air too. Victoria has some beautiful walking tracks and hikes, so tick them off and explore your surroundings all while getting in a good workout. 

Head down the Peninsula and do the Bushrangers Bay walk. After, you can cool off at any of the peninsulas beautiful beaches. 

The Great Ocean Walk is the perfect mix of workout and sightseeing. You'll be so swept up in the beauty of the apostles that you won’t even realise you're working out.

Melbourne's most popular running or walking track has to be the tan. If you're busy and can't get down the coast the perfect track is just on your doorstep. The tan track still delivers on beautiful scenery as you weave through the gardens. It’s perfect for your sunday stroll or morning jog. 

The best thing about walking is the social side. Walking clears the mind and gets the heart rate going but it's also a great activity to do with friends. Join the Humphris Health Walking Group every Sunday in St Kilda. Talk about the latest podcast you listened to with like minded people. Bring your friends, or even your pets, Join the facebook group to stay in the loop.


Swimming is a great way to cool down in summer. It’s also a great full body workout that engages plenty of your muscles as well as bringing some cardio into the mix. Do some laps at some of Melbourne's beautiful pools on the next hot day.

Prahran Pool

Carlton Baths

Fitzroy Pools

Harold Holt Swim Centre

St Kilda Sea Baths


Yoga is a great way to stretch and relax, while still working the body. During summer there’s plenty of events and groups that offer outdoor yoga classes. From meet ups at parks, or by the beach, keep an eye out for these events as the weather starts to warm up. There's also beautiful studios around melbourne like Fauna, that offer outdoor classes on their rooftops. 


Soak up the beautiful surroundings of the Yarra river and hire a rowboat. It’s a great way to spend time with friends, family, or a loved one. Get the arms pumping as you row up and down the bend. Take some healthy snacks on board with you and stop along the way to rest and refuel. 


Rock climbing is a fun way to work out and probably not something you would do every day. Take advantage of the good weather and get down to the Burnley Bouldering Wall. This free outdoor rock climbing gym is under a bridge and right by the river. It’s a unique workout that every Melburnian should try once.