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Why did we start Project Self? We saw that the typical personal training model was broken. You train your client a few times a week, knock out a quick nutrition plan and off you go. We saw what was happening in the industry isn’t enough. Is it helping clients reach their goals or is it just making money for personal trainers and gyms?

We decided that our main objective was to get our clients’ actual results. We know that it isn’t as simple as just train some and eat a little better. Every other personal trainer just focuses on creating the ‘perfect’ program for their client, creating the most advanced training and nutrition plans.

We know this doesn’t work otherwise every program you ripped off the net would’ve got you to where you want to be. You could have the world’s no.1 trainer but if you didn’t stick to the program you won’t get the results, and you end up thinking it’s the program that’s at fault. In reality, you’re stuck in a cycle of repeat forever changing and looking for the next best program or trend rather than getting better at sticking to the program. This is a monumental part of why we created Project Self, to help you with the most important part, YOU!

We know that being with your trainer is the easiest part. How easy is it to just turn up for 45 mins and be told what to do 2x per week!? There are 168 hours in a week and those 1.5hrs with your trainer are expected to do the trick? But that’s not the hard part, is it? It’s the times that you’re not with your trainer that is the hardest, the other 166.5hrs in the week when you’re at home debating whether to eat your healthy meal or to eat those sweets in the fridge.

Those times early in the morning or late after work where you are deciding on whether or not to drag yourself to the gym. You know you should go, we all know what the right decision is but why is it so hard to do it?

This is WHY we created Project Self. This is the key to unlock your results. You’re capable, we all are, it’s within all of us to excel but it might just be hidden. We’re here to help with it all, the training, the nutrition and most importantly when you’re not with your trainer.